Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 4, 2017

Basic Features of AOL Mail (Desktop)

AOL's email application or email client allows the user to easily send and receive emails. The AOL Mail enables seamless communication by providing a smooth platform for exchanging emails. The user-friendly interface allows a dynamic user experience making real time communications more productive through the integration of AIM (Instant Messenger) for chats and conversations.

The email application offers you the following features:

  •  Creating Emails with interactive content 
  •  Managing your inbox with easy to use tools and Actions
  •  Setting up your inbox as per your preferences, including styles and themes. 
  •  The new standard version of the email allows flexibility and interactivity. 
  •  You can easily login to your Account through your AOL username that can be used with all AOL applications and integrated third party applications. 
  •  Easily create and manage folders to better organize your mail. 
  •  Sync Calendar and Contacts and set up Mail and Calendar Alerts. 
You can also switch between versions, especially if you are using the AOL mail desktop application. There are three versions available Standard, Basic and Accessibility. You have the option to switch between versions depending on your personal preferences.

 Standard Edition: This is the new version of the email and has a dynamic user interface with many features

Accessibility Edition: This edition is for users who do not need to use a mouse while working in the mail. They perform actions through keyboard shortcuts and commands. This one is a specialized edition for advanced users with the expertise and convenience for keyboard commands and instructions.

Basic Edition: This email edition is the older version and is well suited to desktop browsers.

- The new Standard edition offers a dynamic user experience with a brilliant interface that has many features and options available to the user. This version is also similar to the version using a mobile browser.
- The Search feature is available to the user that can be used to search and lookup emails, events and contacts.
 - The integration of AIM, AOL's instant messenger allows for real time communication, enabling the users to interact through IMs and video chats.
- You can also set up email filters to customize your email according to your preferences.
- The emails from your AOL mail can easily be synced with the AOL app on your mobile, allowing for flexible communications while on the move.
- The Help feature is available to allow users to quickly get access to troubleshooting with their emails and inbox issues or queries. The desktop version also includes a quick feedback section to enable users to submit questions and comments or suggestions regarding their email account.
 The AOL website provides easy access to the user to go to their AOL Mail. Just visit from your computer's browser and select Mail from the menu on the website. Alternatively, you can also visit This would also direct you to the email webpage where you can access your email. You can also directly sign in from the AOL's website and click Mail, which would direct you to your inbox without having to sign in. Of course, you need to be registered with AOL in order to use their email or applications.