Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 3, 2017

AOL: Features


AOL Mail has the following features available at no cost:
·         Email storage capacity: unlimited
·         Email attachment limit: 25 MB
·         Supported protocols: POP3, SMTP, IMAP
·         Link to other email accounts from other service providers (such as Gmail and Hotmail).
·         Ads: are displayed while working with the e-mail account. Embedded links within emails are automatically disabled and can only be activated by the email user.
·         Spam protection
·         Virus protection
·         Spell checking
·         AIM Panel with a full buddy list, and indicators to show presence of online buddies, as well as shortcuts to sponsored popular web sites.
·         email unsend capability (for mails sent to another AOL or AIM mailbox)
·         Domains: and additionally, (short for you've got mail),, and

·         Supports SSL/HTTPS after login

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