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AOL Mobile App Guide

Designed to make communication more effective and convenient, the AOL mobile app will merge any of your existing AOL contacts with other contacts that are already present on your device.
It eliminates the need to cycle through different apps to make contact with everyone. It also provides quick access to news stories, video, and email
Curious if the AOL Mobile app will work on your phone? The app is compatible with Android phones and tablets that are running Android 4.1 and above, as well as iPhones and iPads that run iOS 6.0 and above. To get started with the AOL mobile app, download it from the respective app store associated with your Android or iPhone device. The following guide will provide you with all of the information necessary to customize your AOL mobile app experience.
Navigating the AOL Mobile App Interface

There are two main areas on this app which are particularly useful for navigation. In the top left corner, there is an icon which features a series of three lines; tap on this icon to produce a blue panel to the left that will provide you with information about news stories, as well as access to the settings menu. Towards the bottom, there is another navigation menu which is also displayed. This menu includes four icons which represent mail, news stories, videos via AOL Rise, and a web search function. This navigation disappears when scrolling down, and vice versa, reappears when scrolling back up. 

Edit Your Feed

Your feed in the AOL mobile app provides you with stories and videos about the latest events and reports in the news on a global scale. The app allows you to customize this feed so that you only receive information about the topics that you are interested in the most. To customize your feed settings, follow the steps below.

1.    From the blue panel on the left side, select “Edit” next to “My Feed”. This will display the “Customize News” page. 
2.    From this menu, you can select the news that you would like to view or remove in your feed. Options include Autos, Entertainment, Finance, Lifestyle, News, Sports, Technology, and World news.
3.    Options that are selected will have a check mark displayed next to them on the right side. 
4.    When you have finished making your selections, tap “Save” in the upper right corner. 

Syncing AOL Mail with the AOL Mobile App

The AOL mobile app can be particularly useful if you tend to access your AOL Mail frequently via your mobile device. Whether you are seeking to stay more up to date with your messages or simply want an easier way to organize them, the app ensures that your recent mails are always at your fingertips with a few clicks. The following steps ensure that you will be able to access your mail within minutes.

1.    Click on the “Settings” gear icon located in the upper right corner of the blue panel on the left. 
2.    Under “Account”, tap the “User Account” option and sign in to your AOL account. 
3.    Return to “Settings”. Scroll down to the “Mail” portion. This is where you can customize your AOL mobile mail experience including your message preview, message display, signature, and the text size for your messages. 

For the most part, the AOL Mail options that are provided within the Settings menu are self-explanatory, with the exception of the “Message Display” option. This option does not directly alter how emails are displayed on the app, but rather determines whether or not the app will open the first email when switching between folders and the next email with moving or deleting an email. This setting is off by default. 

Customizing Weather Options

Ensure that you always have updated weather information by setting up the weather feature in the AOL mobile app. The app not only provides you with the current weather information, but also includes information about the weather for the rest of the week at a quick glance. Generally, when you first download the app, your phone will prompt you to enable location settings or approve them on your device so that the app can automatically determine the correct weather information for your location. However, if this does not occur or you would like to alter these settings, you can use the following steps provided below.

1.    Click on the “Settings” gear icon in the upper right corner of the blue panel. 
2.    Under “Account”, tap “Weather”. 
3.    If your city hasn’t been entered from location settings or the listed city is incorrect, input your desired city for weather information.
4.    Select Fahrenheit or Celsius for temperature display information. 
5.    Click “Save Settings”.

Change AOL Mobile App Edition Settings

The AOL mobile app is available in three editions: United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Changing your edition to your respective location will also change the language and content that is presented on the app during use. To make this change:

1.    Click on the “Settings” gear. 
2.    Under “Account”, tap “Edition”. 
3.    Select your desired edition. 

Change Notification Settings

The AOL mobile app will provide notifications depending on what you have selected within the app itself. Note that many mobile devices also have their own specific notification settings that can be changed to correspond to certain apps, including this one. To select the notifications that you would like to receive via the app:

1.    Click on the “Settings” gear. 
2.    Under “Account”, tap “Notification”.
3.    Select if you want notifications for “Email Received” and “Breaking News”. 
4.    Click the arrow in the upper left corner to return to settings and save your changes. 
 Consider Additional AOL Apps

The AOL mobile app works together with many of the other apps that AOL has previously created and released such as AIM, AOL On, and AOL Reader. To make the most of your experience with AOL, it is highly recommended to download these apps as well in order to have full access to the range of services that AOL provides. 

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