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Accessing Your Inbox

The AOL inbox can be accessed when you login to the AOL email using your account details. On the page, enter your username and password details. Click sign in and it will direct you to your inbox.
Your AOL inbox is the place that stores and organizes your emails. All new emails that you receive will be displayed here and the inbox is updated to reflect the latest emails that you have received. The inbox can also be accessed by clicking the main menu that is displayed on the very right of your email panel.
To access any email just click on the particular email to open it. It will direct you to the email page where you can read your email and reply to it.
When you click on a certain email, it opens the email with Actions tab to perform functions you desire relative to that email. Just choose the option you want and reply, forward, delete, move, or mark an email in seconds.
There are various options available and you can select the particular action you want making your communications fun and easy.
Click Actions Tab and it will provide the following options for you to choose.
 - Reply
 - Forward
 - Mark unread
 - Move to
 - Report spam

In the inbox section, you can also check boxes next to all your email items to perform actions on multiple email items simultaneously instead of individual emails. Just select the email items that you want to perform an action on and click the arrow icon on top of the menu bar. Select from the list of actions and your instruction will be processed. You can also check an individual email item box and click Edit icon to modify the details of your email.
To compose a message, click the compose icon on the right of the menu bar of your inbox. The compose message window would appear allowing you to create interactive emails with attachments. Type the recipient's email address in the 'To' section and add 'cc' if you desire. This is the email address you want to send a copy to. From the contacts icon you can choose which contacts to send the email to if you have them already added to your address book or contact book. You can also send attachments by clicking the attachment icon in the compose message window. Images, documents, multimedia content and other text files can be attached.
Once you are done composing your mail, you have the option of choosing to save it as a draft or send it. You might want to save it as a draft in case you need to make changes later. The drafts can easily be accessed from the Drafts option in the AOL mail's menu on the right of your inbox panel.
If you wish to send your email then click send and your email will be on its way in seconds.
You can also use the search feature of the email to search for relevant material in your emails, events and contacts. The search icon is available on the right corner of the menu bar of your inbox near the compose message icon. Click on the icon to search for an email or contact. Type in the details of your search query and click search button. The email application will search all your mail data to display search results. You can use this feature if you wish to search for a specific mail item, to find out an event schedule or an address book contact.
You can use the trash folder to add unwanted or deleted mails in order to keep your inbox organized and clear of any junk items. Items in the trash folder are automatically removed or deleted after a month. You can access the trash folder by clicking the Trash folder in the main menu of your inbox and clicking any item that is present there to perform the following actions:
- Deleting permanently
- Moving to another folder
- Restoring email item
You might want to restore an email item if you have deleted it by mistake or if you do not want it in the trash folder.

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